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Survey Builder

Survey Builder Tool

Our free user-friendly survey creator tool helps in designing an effective survey. You can easily customize your survey by adding various types of questions, sort and re-arrange questions into pages and select from a predefined options.

share survey

Sharing Survey

Share your survey link with your target audience via mail or social media such as Facebook, X, LinkedIn or Instagram. Or you can embed it at your own website and mobile application. You can create multiple branches/collectors for the same survey and share it with different group of audience or distribute it in different ways.

survey themes

Themes and Branding

Select from a pre-designed survey themes or design your own survey theme using different design and branding options, allowing you to personalize the appearance of your surveys with colors, logos and themes.

responsive survey

Responsive Survey

Our online survey tool creates a responsive survey optimized and compatible with the different devices including mobiles, tablets and computers. You can easily preview and test survey on various devices to ensure that it looks and functions well across different screen sizes.

multilingual survey

Multilingual Survey

Add unlimited languages to your survey and reach everyone in their own language by translating each question, answer choice, and any survey instructions into different languages. Allowing you to reach a diverse audience that speaks different languages.

result analysis

Result Analysis

You can analyze survey results on realtime while collecting responses and view a summary result for each question or view responses per individual. You can as well choose from different types of charts, filter survey results and export responses into different formats.

create survey

Create Online Survey

Design your survey using a variety of options and questions such as Textbox, Multi Textboxes, Essay, Dropdown List, Single Choice, Multiple Choices, Star Rating, Smiley Faces, Ranking, Rating Scale, Linear Scale, Slider Scale, Images, File Uploads and Date/Time questions.

  • Easily pick up questions or drag and drop into the survey
  • Switch between different types of questions
  • Customize question options and validations
  • Add skip logics for questions
  • Sort questions and create multiple pages
  • Add score to quiz questions
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Customize your survey appearance using themes and different branding options.

  • Choose from a pre-designed theme options
  • Design your own custom themes
  • Add your organization and custom logos to survey header
  • Add heading banner
  • Create custom opening and closing message
  • Redirect into a specific URL after survey completion
survey theme
survey analysis

Results Analysis

Instant results analysis using charts and data tables.

  • Anaylze results using different chart types
  • View results summary and responses per individual
  • Advanced results filtering tool
  • Detailed data tables
  • Analyze quiz scores
  • Export charts and raw data into different formats
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Survey Templates and Examples

Start creating surveys using our templates designed by survey experts. Instead of starting from scratch, you can customize these templates to suit your specific needs, saving time and ensuring that they include relevant questions!

Customer Feedback Survey Template

Customer Feedback Survey

Customer feedback survey is a strategic way to collect valuable insights from your customers, understand their experiences, and identify areas for improvement.

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Brand Evaluation Survey Template

Brand Evaluation Survey

Brand Evaluation Survey is a type of market research tool designed to assess and measure how consumers perceive a particular brand.

Preview Survey
Market Research - New Product Survey Template

Market Research - New Product Survey

Market research for a new product is a critical process that involves collecting and analyzing information to understand the potential market and customer reception for a new product or service.

Preview Survey
Employee Survey Template

Employee Survey

An employee survey is a tool used by organizations to collect insights and feedback from their employees about various aspects of the workplace.

Preview Survey
Event Registration Survey Template

Event Registration Survey

This survey is typically used to gather essential details from individuals who plan to attend an event, streamline the registration process, and ensure that event organizers have all the necessary information to plan and execute a successful event.

Preview Survey
Party Planning Survey Template

Party Planning Survey

Designed to collect information and preferences from individuals or groups who are organizing a party or event. This survey helps party planners gather essential details, preferences, and expectations from potential attendees.

Preview Survey
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What is SurveyOcean Used For?

Surveys are versatile tools that can be adapted to various situations, industries, and purposes. Depending on the objectives, surveys can be customized to collect quantitative or qualitative data, making them valuable instruments for decision-making, research, and improvement initiatives.

Market Research

Understand market trends, customer preferences, and industry dynamics to inform business strategies.

Customer Satisfaction

Measure and assess customer satisfaction with products, services, or overall brand experiences.

Employee Engagement

Gauge employee satisfaction, identify areas for improvement, and assess overall engagement within the workplace.

Product Development

Collect feedback on new product ideas, features, and prototypes to guide product development efforts.

Event Planning

Gather information from potential attendees to plan and organize events, including preferences for dates, themes, and activities.

Education and Training

Assess the effectiveness of educational programs, training sessions, or workshops to enhance learning experiences.

Healthcare and Patient Feedback

Collect feedback from patients to improve healthcare services, understand satisfaction levels, and identify areas for improvement.

Government and Public Policy

Gather public opinions on government policies, community issues, and public services to inform decision-making.

Nonprofit and Social Services

Assess the impact of social programs, gather community feedback, and measure the effectiveness of nonprofit initiatives.

Website and User Experience (UX)

Evaluate website usability, user satisfaction, and gather insights to enhance the overall user experience.

Travel and Hospitality

Gather feedback from travelers to improve hotel services, assess customer satisfaction, and enhance the overall travel experience.

Quality Improvement

Implement surveys to assess and improve the quality of products, services, or processes within an organization.

Social and Cultural Research

Conduct surveys to study social trends, cultural attitudes, and public opinions on various societal issues.

Political Polling

Use surveys to gauge public opinion, predict election outcomes, and assess support for political candidates or parties.

Retail and Consumer Insights

Understand consumer preferences, shopping behaviors, and gather insights for retail strategy and marketing.

Finance and Banking

Assess customer satisfaction with financial services, gather feedback on banking experiences, and identify areas for improvement.

Technology and Software

Collect feedback on software usability, identify bugs or issues, and gather user opinions for product development.

Sports and Entertainment

Gather fan feedback, assess event experiences, and understand preferences in the sports and entertainment industry.